In many ways, it is more important to conducting a thorough inspection of a newly-constructed or an under-construction house or business than a pre-existing one. SafeHome knows that the systems and components in a new home or business have specific installation instructions which, if not followed, will breach any warranty and eventually, their life expectancy will be dramatically reduced costing you money. SafeHome's job is to make sure that each and every one of the systems and components which have been recently installed are accurately accommodated and functioning to code.


Major Types of New Construction Inspections Conducted by SafeHome Inspections:


ü Foundation
ü Pre-Drywall
ü Final Walk-Through
ü One-Year Home Warranty Inspection


Home Inspectors vs. County Inspectors


Who wins?


County Inspectors don't take the necessary time to run a thorough inspection. They usually do more than 10 inspections a day, whereas a SafeHome Inspector usually does no more than three inspections a day.


SafeHome makes sure the attic, the electric panels, closets and cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are inspected as well as outlets, windows, and doors. What's more, the plumbing system and the roof structure are inspected for leaks and mold, plus the Jacuzzi, steam showers, pools, and exterior slope and drainage grade are some examples of the more than thousands of things which are inspected by experienced SafeHome Inspectors in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.


Examples of the many problems usually found in new constructions:
v Scratches on counters, cabinets and fixtures
v Scratches & dents on appliances
v Scratches and gouges in hardwood floors
v Paint on carpets
v Paint on hardwood floors
v Trim paint (gloss) on wall (should be flat)
v Unpainted sections
v Scratched glass
v Crooked mullions on windows
v Windows that don't line up
v Crooked fixtures
v Visible carpet seams
v Exposed nails in cabinets & closets
v Floor squeaks
v Crooked switches & outlets
v Missing trim
v We mark switched outlets in rooms
v Damaged weather stripping on doors
v Doors that don't latch or operate smoothly
v Windows that don't operate smoothly
v Garage doors that are unbalanced or unsafe
v Gaps & holes in the exterior siding
v Cracked foundations
v Untreated lumber used below grade


there's even more....


You may be also wondering what makes a home/business inspection and a newly-constructed or an-under-construction home/business inspection different. The difference is that in the former, the house is inspected to check the present condition of the house, which will, in turn, make the buyer aware of work that needs to be done prior to purchasing the house. In the latter case, the inspection is to check if the foundation, equipment, fixtures, systems, and basic structure in the new-house-to-be are in the proper operating order to prevent nasty surprises and costly repairs after move-in.

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